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Comments / Questions: Hi there,

Mr Fayyad carried out my laparoscopic excision of Endometriosis at the end of July 2018. Pre- op my pain was debilitating, I was doing triathlons in 2015 and slowly but surely I start to have symptoms. My first Laporoscopy was carried out at another hospital (Watford) and removal of Endometriosis was done by burning/cauterising. The pain quickly came back and I came to Luton and Dunstable for a second opinion. I originally saw Ms Mubarak and the tests carried out indicated I needed another operation and was told I would be added to the operation list, unfortunately she left the trust and all the admin surrounding my case went to pot. After over a year of waiting I eventually saw Mr Fayyad and he started from the beginning and took his time with me to make sure everything would be carried out. I was then operated on July 2018. I had my 5 month follow up with Mr Burrell and told him that I have had no symptoms at all. I have been able to go back to exercising  4-5 times a week and I have set some challenges for myself in 2019. I wanted to say an epically big thank you to Mr Fayyad for working what feels like a miracle to me. I have my life back. 
Thank you so much.
Kindest regards,

SC Watford.

Dear Sir, On behalf of my wife and myself we would like to say "THANK YOU" to you and your team for carrying out the recent operation and the care of my wife. Also praise to the staff at "Luton and Dunstable" Hospital.

JF Kettering

To Dr Fayyad and the team of doctors and nurses. I would like to thank you for the help and support you gave me before, during and after my operations. I really appreciate it and wish you all the best in the valuable work you are doing. Love from JH

JH Luton

Dear Mr Fayyad,
I want to say a huge thanks to you and your team for being so brilliant at what you do. From my first consultation, I liked the way you gave me aal the facts in such a no-nonsense manner whilst making it quite clear to would have to be abdominal rather than keyhole surgery-and thank goodness it was! I also appreciated you being so upfront that it needed doing quickly, because frankly-who knows how long I may have waited.
Please pass on my thanks to your wonderful anaesthetist, whose lovely bedside manner prior to the operation was so calming. Between you, you filled me with great confidence and as I sat on the bed waiting for surgery I just knew I was in the best possible hands and going to be fine. The care I received on the ward was second to none and to be honest, I was amazed I felt so good so quickly.
Prior to the operation, I hadn't given any thought whatsoever to not having the fibroid inside me, but honestly-its great. I now realize how heavy and uncomfortable it was and how it hindered my movements to some extent. It's lovely to feel a little lighter and to wear clothes with a waistline again. Also, I'm stunned that my scar is barely visible-amazing!!
All in all, I feel blessed that I was lucky enough to find you and your amazing team to get me through this experience-you were all fab.

HF Silsoe Bedfordshire

Just a card to say thank you for changing me back to my good self. It's been a journey. For me, "no more sadness". I am a changed lady. You are an amazing man. I suffered a lot of depression before, "No More", thanks to you. Amazing job you do, please carry on doing a fantastic job. No words can thank you enough what you have done.


Dear Mr Fayyad
I would like to say again thank you so much for everyhting you have done for me.The care you have given me has been amazing and I really do appreciate it. You truly are an amazing person. (You have a fantastic secretary too! I don't know what I would have done without her help and support) Thank you!

JS Dunstable Bedfordshire

Mr Fayyad, Thank you so much for your professionalism, care and patience before, during and after my operation. I am now really well and the operation was a high success. Hope you and your family have a wonderfull Christmas.

LC Buckinghmashire

Dear Dr Fayyad and staff,
I just want to say thank you so much for carrying the operation on me. My recovery was fantastic, a lot better than what I invisaged. Thank you to all the staff for all their kindness. Much appreciated Dr.

GW Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

Dear Mr Fayyad,
I would like to thank you for the high quality of care I have received throughout my surgical journey. I hugely appreciated the time and care taken to discuss my condition and the treatment options. This allowed me to approach the surgery with confidence. My surgery and recovery went smoothly and the results have exceeded my expectations. I would also like to thank the anaesthetist and her team and the nursing team. They helped to put me at ease before the procedure, although I am grateful my new slippers were not put on ebay as threatened! Again, Many thanks.

KS Croydon, Surrey.

Dear Mr Fayyad, Thank you for helping my consultant with my surgery of open myomectomy and for your skills carefully removing the very large fibroid stuck to all other organs. You helped save my life and given me a new lease of life allowing me to get on with my life without any of the post op complications that there could have been so many of.

KW Stevenage, Herts.

Dear Mr Fayyad: This is nothing compared to what you've done for me. Thank you

DF London

I'm a 59 yr old lady having endured prolapses of bladder and bowel in my early 50s and I was repaired with avaulta mesh. I had my third prolapse and went private to see what could be done. I was told there was nothing they could do and it was favourable to be 'sewn up'!
My sister and I researched and found Mr Fayyad. I sent him an email on Christmas Eve with subject heading 'open after Xmas festivities' explaining how desperate I felt. Within a very short time (the same day) I received a comforting email from Mr Fayyad saying he could help me, that he can see me on 2nd January. I felt immediate relief to enjoy my family Christmas.
I won't go into lengthy detail here but my condition was extremely serious and delicate and over a course of about 18 mths I had four operations; the first removing the eroded mesh which was a very lengthy and delicate operation; then further operations each one fixing a problem but exposing a further pre-existing condition.
I had my final consultation with Mr Fayyad last week when I was discharged. I am a new woman. I can have sex without pain or discomfort. Although it was likely I would have a bladder and/or bowel bag I did not and with the help of medication I am no longer incontinent and I am able to have normal bowel movements. I owe my happiness to Mr Fayyad. I am blessed to have found him.

RB Essex

I came to see Mr. Fayyad in desperation after several years of severe heavy bleeding due to massive uterine fibroids and polyps. And to my huge relief my operation was booked immediately and took place within 5 weeks of my initial consultation. Mr. Fayyad removed a 30-week sized uterus which had encroached not just into my umbilical sphere but beyond and further up into the upper part of my abdomen. And he did it all through a lower transverse abdominal incision leaving me with minimal scarring. This in itself is beyond gratitude. But his gentle yet firm insistence that my cervix and tubes should be removed at the same time has almost certainly made this a life saving operation. The histology on my fibroids confirmed endometrial carcinoma. It’s impossible to value what Mr Fayyad has done for me. Or the patience and kindness of his secretary Jo Bedwell and the superb care I received from the nursing team at the Spire Hospital in Harpenden. I’ve now been referred to UCHL by my GP for further treatment. But if I had private health insurance I wouldn’t be going anywhere else.


Dear Mr Fayyad, I just want to write a short note to express my gratitude for my recent operation. I am recovering so well with no problems. It's remarkable how quickly I am healing. I can only attribute this to your expertise and the fact that this surgery was non-invasive, although complex. Thank you once again for looking after me so well.

BK Radlett, Hertfordshire

Dear Mr Fayyad, just a note to thank you for being so helpful and for answering all my questions at my consultation with you at Spire Harpenden Hospital. It was appreciated. Your private secretary Jo Bedwell has been very helpful too.

PM Dunstable, Bedfordshire

Dear Mr Fayyad, just wnated to thank you and your team of lovely doctors and nurses for being so kind and caring to me during my short stay in the hospital after my urinary incontinence op. I am feeling well and taking things easy , as my operation seems to be going well. Looking forward to seeing you in the near future. Thanking you once again. Yours faithfully.

YW Totternhoe, Beds

To Mr Fayyad, just to say thank you and your Gynaecology team for taking good care of me. Your dedication and care is much appreciated. Life is back to normal "thank you".

BL, Luton

Firstly, thank you Mr. Fayyad, for giving me confidence in the original consultation. You explained exactly what was wrong. I knew I had a prolapse and you explained exactly what had moved and the degree. You explained exactly what you would do and what I should do to ensure everything could heal properly. I had every confidence in you when I went to the Spire for the operation and I felt wonderful about the success at the follow up consultation.
The hardest thing after the operation was remembering to take things easy because I no longer felt uncomfortable below. I had to force myself after the first three weeks not to start doing jobs and to remember not to lift my granddaughter. It is absolutely amazing to have no discomfort and no bulges. I now regularly do pelvic floor exercises to maintain the improvement.
Choosing Mr Fayyad to perform the operation was my wisest decision. Thank you, again.

HP Essex

After putting up with years of incontinence which appeared to be worse after a severe bout of pneumonia I felt enough was enough and asked my GP to refer me to a specialist – that specialist was Mr Abdalla Fayyad. After having undergone surgery some 18 years ago for this type of problem the odds of this procedure being a success for me were lower than a patient undergoing this type of procedure for the first time. Despite this I had the surgery in the summer and I am very happy not only that I had the surgery, but that the surgeon was Mr Fayyad. The whole experience from liaising with his personal secretary to his surgical team and of course Mr Fayyad was first class and words cannot do justice to describe the renewed confidence it has given me. “Thank you” does not seem enough, but “thank you”.

CDK – Welwyn Garden City

Dear Mr Fayyad, just over a year on after my delicate key-hole surgery to treat me womb prolapse, I feel it safe to say everything is hunky-dory, and for this I thank you very very much.

RH Harpenden, Hertfordshire

One year after a hysterectomy operation, I was told by my gynecologist that I need pelvic reconstruction due to a possible vault prolapse. He warned me that this is a delicate procedure and needs a subspecialist. When I visited Mr. Fayyad in his clinic for consultation; his confidence and professionalism made me decide on the spot to go ahead with the surgery. He took his time to explain the various possible options, then he went on to describe the proposed procedure in detail, and the benefits and risks involved. He performed the operation laparoscopically, and I was out of the hospital two days after the operation with minimal pain. Mr. Fayyad and his team took good care of me, and I will forever be indebted to him. Mr. Fayyad changed my life.

SM Kuwait City, Kuwait

Just a little note to personally say "Thank You" for all the care and wonderful treatment at the Spire Hospital. Thank you for your excellent surgical intervention. I am feeling so much better now at 4 weeks and look forward to seeing you at 3 months post op. I was nervous before the op but all the staff were kind and caring.

CE Silsoe, Bedfordshire

I cannot believe how I felt following my recent key-hole surgery to remove the ovary. I went home the same day, and the attention of detail of the team led by Mt Fayyad was amazing. I never had an operation before and felt all along I was in safe hands.

RC Hemel Hempstead

I had the most amazing outcome following my incontinence procedure. That completely cured my urinary leakage, I can dance without worry about pads or leakage.

SB Hitchin, Hertfordshire

To the "wonderful" Mr Fayyad and his fantastic team. Thank you all so very much for all you have done for me. I will never forget it.

DB Dunstable

It's a wonderful feeling to be able to run again on the treadmill without leaking urine. This operation to treat my incontinence has been a huge success and changed my life.

JG St Albans

For years I had a problem emptying my bowel due to prolapse. Everybody dismissed my problems till I met Mr Fayyad, who was so understanding. He diagnosed my condition straightaway and offered me a new operation to treat my condition. I had the operation and I am very glad I did, as I feel like a new woman now.

LM Bedford

Dear Mr Fayyad, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all what you have done for me. You put me at ease and instantly instilled me with so much confidence in you. We are so lucky to have some one like you around these days.

MB Toddington, Bedfordshire

I was referred to Mr Fayyad as one of the best gynaecologists and he performed a full hysterectomy through key-hole surgery. I was surprised how well I felt afterwards and was home in less than two days.

TS Welwyn Garden City

I will not have anybody do my prolapse operation other than Mr Fayyad, since I have seen him; I feel that he is the only one who can fix my problem.

DB Luton

Before I saw Mr Fayyad, I was so nervous; he put me at so much ease in the clinic and did a wonderful job curing my prolapse.

CB Luton

All the doctors told me that they can do nothing for my prolapse, till I saw Mr Fayyad who treated my prolapse with key-hole surgery. Despite my age, I felt very well afterwards, and I was home the next day.

AH St Albans

I was very disappointed when my prolapse came back after the first operation. I was referred to Mr Fayyad, who is a sub specialist and used a new techniques using mesh. My prolapse was completely cured and I never felt better.

CM Dunstable

I was very nervous before my hysterectomy, Mr Fayyad did it through key-hole surgery and I was home next day with no big cuts in my tummy. I recovered very quickly and was back at work in no time.

ES Dunstable

Everybody told me I needed a hysterectomy for my prolapse which I was not ready for. Then I heard of Mr Fayyad who did key-hole surgery and I kept my uterus. I was home next day and back on my feet very quickly.

DS Bedfordshire

I had awful urinary incontinence that I could not play with my children or have a normal relationship with my husband. I had a wonderful cure with a vaginal tape that was inserted by Mr Fayyad. I was home the same day and got my life back. I definitely recommend it to anybody with similar problem.

CM Dunstable

I had a very bad prolapse; to the extent it was limiting my life activities. Because of my age, I was so nervous when told I needed a hysterectomy. I saw Mr Fayyad, who performed delicate key-hole surgery to treat my prolapse and kept my uterus. I was out of the hospital in less than 24 hours.

AH Bedfordshire

Case Study – new surgical procedure to correct pelvic organ prolapse, performed by Mr Abdalla Fayyad, MD MRCOG Consultant Gynaecologist, Sub specialist in Urogynaecology and Laparoscopic Surgery at Luton & Dunstable NHS Hospital, on a 33 year old mother

It’s estimated that one in three women will suffer some degree of pelvic organ prolapse during her life, and giving birth is often the trigger for this.
This case study is of a 33 year-old lady, Mrs Gail Steed, who gave birth to her second child, a boy, in 2009. She had a home birth and was advised she had a 2nd degree tear after delivery.
One week after the birth she was having problems controlling her wind and was also suffering urinary incontinence. She also felt that something was ‘hanging out’ and felt heavy and full in her vagina. She was able to see a lump protruding from her vagina, which she pushed back in. Her symptoms persisted and instead of enjoying her new baby she had to organise her life round visits to the loo.
She consulted her midwife who sent her back to hospital where she saw a consultant. He said there was no sign of prolapse but asked to see her again in six weeks. When she returned, still with the same symptoms, he repeated there was no sign of prolapse or urinary incontinence. He advised her to do her pelvic floor exercises 8 times a day. The problem persisted and in March 2010 she had a smear where the nurse recognised an obvious cervical prolapse and referred her to her GP.
Fortunately, the GP agreed and referred her to Luton & Dunstable Hospital, where she saw uro-gynae specialist consultant, Mr Abdalla Fayyad.
Mr Fayyad immediately diagnosed a prolapse but suggested that, as this lady was still young, she persist with pelvic floor exercises and electrical stimulation. However, it quickly became clear that surgical intervention was required.
Mr Fayyad has developed a new procedure for pelvic organ prolapse, known as hysteropexy. Unlike other procedures for this condition, minimally-invasive hysteropexy is suitable for both young women who have not completed their families, or for older people.
Mr Fayyad uses a fine mesh positioned to provide natural support for the reproductive organs which is placed using a laparoscopic (keyhole) technique. It’s a low risk procedure and lessens the risk of recurring prolapse – following traditional procedures to repair pelvic organ prolapse as many as 30% of women find the prolapse recurs. Typically the hospital stay is shorter with hysteropexy and normal activities can be resumed much sooner.
Mrs Steed was in hospital for three nights and resumed normal activities after about six weeks.
Of Mr Fayyad and the procedure she had she says “I feel that Mr Fayyad did a wonderful job and is a really good doctor. He actually listened to what I had to say and made me feel comfortable when being examined. Everything is fine now and I can fully enjoy being a mum to my two little boys”.


Jo Bedwell,
Spire Harpenden Hospital,
Ambrose Lane,
Herts AL5 4BP


Phone: 01582714449

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